• RevShare commission

  • CPA program

  • Sub-Affiliate program

Earn up to 40% from brand’s income with RevShare commission.
The traditional commission, which provides the strong revenue stream from the gambling project’s income. The RevShare program is available to all the partners and doesn’t require any activation. This is the best long term solution as it guarantees regular income during the whole lifetime value of the invited players. The interest rate in RevShare is dynamic and depends only on the amount of new players invited by a Partner.

The CPA commission allows earning the fixed price for all the invited players. The terms of payment and the fixed price for a single player are determined individually for each Partner. Fraud, spam and incent traffic are forbidden.The price for each player may vary from EUR 25 depending on specific program, partner’s traffic quality and terms of payment for a player.
In case of fraud, Affiliate Program stops CPA immediately and blocks Partner's balance due to this cause for an unlimited period after detection of the fraudulent activity. In case of traffic low quality, Affiliate Program informs Partners about the termination of the CPA agreement the day before termination. If Partners does not answer, the income of the partner (i. e. payments for the New Depositing Players that came after termination) will be recalculated according to the terms of RevShare commission model.

Sub-Affiliate Income.Partners affiliate program provides the opportunity to earn on engaging new Partners. The base rate for the sub-affiliates program is 3% of the income of the invited Partners. To evaluate the effectiveness of your sub-affiliates there's a detailed statistics available in your dashboard that can be filtered by dates/ by invites/ by sub-affiliates. In your dashboard you can also find special promotional materials designed to attract new Partners to the Sub-Affiliates program.