Postback is a system that sends conversion data from income partners affiliate system to your tracking system.

Postback can be set during creation of any promo materials on the last step of promo material generation. Or in settings of Promo materials from subsection “Archive of promo’s”.

Postback can be set to track 4 events:

  • Registration
  • First deposit
  • Deposit
  • CPA qualification


Supported parametrs:

{transaction_id} - sub_id (often it is click_id)

{sub_id} - sub_id (often it is click_id)

{sub_id2} - sub_id2 (often it is source_id)

{user_id} - gamer id

{amount} - sum  (for deposits, for 1st Deposits, and for qualifications) 


Name (not required) In the field Name you can set your click ID that will be recognized as a sub Id by our system


For example your tracker requires to send to it’s link:

In this case you need to fill the link so that correct values goes to required parameters of the tracker. Line of configuration of Postback will look like this:{sub_id}&sum={amount}

In this example our system will substitute received data instead of a {sub_id} and sum of deposits instead of {amount}

User clicks on your ad. Usually, an ad doesn’t include the URL of the affiliate program or the final advertiser, but the URL of the tracking solution.


User goes to the URL of the tracking solution. In this moment unique ID assigns to click and transactions are going to tracker’s database.

After assigning of unique ID tracker redirects user to URL of partner’s program add unique click ID to this URL like &aff_sub=123456789.

User is taken to the target page of the offer and he can do target action or can not to do.


If he does it, the affiliate program knows that the user whose aff_sub parameter was 123456789. At this point, it calls a special URL for your tracking system with this parameter, that is, something like


Now the tracker in the reports will show you what exactly this particular click brought the conversion. If you configured everything correctly in the tracker, then the click is tied to the ad network, the ad and a dozen more parameters that are used for optimization.