“Portuguese Summer” Contest! (Finished)

2020-07-15 − 2020-08-15

UPD: The tournament is over!

Check the results and prizes!


We are proud to  announce the “Portuguese Summer” Contest!

From July 15 to August 15, attract traffic from Portugal and receive wonderful gifts in addition to higher payments:

Bettilt tournament  - it’s a tournament organised by our Partners - 
The first tournament will be held for Portuguese GEO. This is the greatest possibility to win valuable prizes and  to arise a big money as Bettilt proposes open and favorable conditions for the championship. 

In relation with launching a tournament, Bettilt will lifting next great presents: 

  • For the fifth place the affiliate gets the latest headphones model Apple AirPods 

  • For the fourth place the participant will be awarded with Like.Bike Electric Scooter

  • The third place - iPhone 11

  • For the second place - MacBook Air

  • And the best present without no doubt it’s MacBook Pro 13 for the winner